What is a urban garden

The urban garden

We are what we eat, and today we don’t know much about that. Accustomed to what is comfortable, easy and, above all, fast, unfortunately, food is not among our main concerns.

In a society in which the artificial prevails, food is also within an unnatural process in which its properties are modified to appear perfect in stores, but, in reality, we are not looking for perfection but to eat healthier. This is where our urban garden with the intention of feeding well, with quality products and knowing what we are eating.

What is an urban garden?

It is the adaptation of the traditional garden that is practised in the rural countryside to urban space in the city covered or not with the intention of harvesting vegetables, flowers, culinary herbs, aromatic or medicinal plants, etc.

Definitely, orchards are located in a city!

In truth, it arises from sustainable social movements such as slow food or slow life that vindicates the culture of the natural in which the time of any process or activity is respected. 

What are the merits of an urban garden?

We grow our own food, and we know what we are eating from our home gardens. We rediscover the aromas and flavours of vegetables and fruits. If we have a garden at home, we improve our diet by eating healthier. We do not contribute to the increases in intensive agriculture and transgenic foods. We improve the city’s biodiversity and air quality (although on a small scale, it is our contribution to the sustainability of cities).

We improve our relationship with nature (we know the natural cycles of the earth and the biological cycles of plants, their properties, we increase our knowledge of the natural environment, etc.). It provides benefits to our mental health (it is an excellent anti-stress) and fun, relaxing and healthy activity. If they are community gardens on the terraces of the buildings, we improve coexistence with neighbours.

Of course, not all are advantages, and to be honest, practically the most notable disadvantage of having an urban garden in the home is that we must take care of the budget we allocate especially at the beginning and that it must be a long-term project. IN AN URBAN GARDEN, YOU HAVE TO START SMALL, AND IF WE LIKE IT, WE WILL INVEST MORE MONEY AND TIME!