Ideas for a Home Garden

More modest, but not for that reason with less potential. This proposal can inspire you in the design of a simple and not too extensive garden, with many options for a property in the rural world or in urban areas. If you have enough space, you can also add a chicken coop, like the one included in this idea. Small but complete.

Design for those who do not lack space.

With a two-acre property in mind, this idea fits perfectly with those who don’t lack space. If you review the infographic, you will not only get ideas on how to organize your farm with areas for the production of fruits and vegetables and for the care of animals, but it will also help you to calculate the production that you can achieve annually, which, as you will see, is not small. In addition, this idea incorporates a large solar installation so that the farm is also sustainable from an energy point of view.

Sustainable Design of Hamilton Gardens. Specially designed for those who have a patio in their home, this design allows you to take advantage of that space for the production of fruit and Vegetables.

A good contribution of this design is the proposal to locate in the areas closest to the house those crops that need more continuous attention. On the contrary, fruit trees, berries and other species that do not require special care would be located in the least accessible areas of the patio.

Ideas for a large farm.

One more alternative for those who have a property of significant dimensions and that, as you can see, includes practically everything. For vegetable production, it has an orchard, a large greenhouse, an area for fruit trees and ornamental trees, as well as extensive spaces to produce corn and even fallow.

A closed area for poultry, a colony of bees, a shed for sheep and cattle and for pasture, as well as a pigsty, are other areas that this farm includes, which also follows a very traditional and functional design.

Urban farm.

The fact that the term urban appears in the name of this design does not translate into disclaimers. With a slight glance at this proposal, you can see its multiple possibilities and the breadth of spaces it integrates for a growing area in the city. Community gardens, fruit trees, a greenhouse and a huge surface area for the production of fruit and vegetables on land stand out in this idea.

Old school farm.

Another example of a lifelong farm that, again, is better suited to the needs of owners of large tracts of land. Multiple buildings dot this design in which there is plenty of space for livestock and agriculture. As seen in previous proposals, this is also an example of how to limit the property with groves and plant species.

Small all-inclusive property. Ideal for a life in the country and for those who have a property, at least of medium size, since it is designed for half an acre of land. Extremely orderly and with a clear classic touch, this proposal has large areas of cultivation under plastic and in the open air. To the above are added specific spaces for the germination of seeds, as well as hives, pigsty, henhouse and separate areas for other species, such as goats. It also includes an area for the production of cereals, in the case of the wheat example.

One acre farm.

Another example of a functional farm with a classic touch and ideal for areas of around one acre. With solar panels to collect solar energy located in different areas, this proposal includes a home, garage and office. Equipped with a barn and a chicken coop and with an area available to expand the animal husbandry areas, the farm that proposes this design also has a greenhouse and space for a fairly large garden.

Vintage touch farm.

Very functional and in tune with the design of a traditional farm, this proposal is dominated by a central house from which the space is articulated, which, as you can see, is spacious. With a small area for animal husbandry, this model is dominated by plant production, with an orchard of more than 180 square meters and additional specific spaces for the cultivation of berries, asparagus, onion and garlic, in addition to multiple fruit trees.


They call it a mini-farm, but really in this proposal, there is enough space for everything that a rural landowner may need to be self-sufficient. In fact, as you will see, in this case, even a large area is included for the production of oats or wheat. Areas for raising animals, for fruit trees and for cultivation on land and in height are other additions to this large farm, in which there is no lack of a compost bin and even a store.

Design for real life. Not that the others are not, but the simplicity and order of this image enhance that feeling even more. Although it shares with the rest of the proposals many of the spaces included (areas for growing on land, fruit trees, an area for the production of forest fruits, etc.), in this idea there is also a place for a play area, a campfire and a garden of sunflowers.