How to Make a composter

  • You need to get three stackable plastic boxes. The material must be resistant to support the weight of the earth and deposited food.
  • Holes are drilled at the base of two of the boxes, made with the help of a drill, wide enough for the worms to pass between the containers. The box that remains on the floor does not get a hole.
  • – The top two boxes receive earth and worms known as “red” or “Californian.”
  • – When disposing of the garbage, the ideal is to fill the container with the medium. For each portion of organic waste, it is necessary to add twice as much dry material as plant leaves or shredded newspaper to the soil.
  • – When the middlebox is full, it must be swapped with the one above. The worms will transform the organic waste into fertilizer.
  • – The lower case will accumulate liquid. It is the humus, rich in nutrients that can be collected by installing a tap at the bottom of the box.
  • – Diluted in water, this liquid serves as fertilizer for plants.
  • – When the first portion of organic waste decomposes, on average, it takes a month, the material is removed, and then the process begins again.

What can be put in the compost?

✓ Flowers, plants, fruits, and peels, except citrus fruits

✓ Legumes and vegetables

✓ Pieces of bread and biscuits

✓ Paper filters, coffee grounds, and teas

✓ Cooked foods without seasoning and eggshells

✓ Used kitchen paper, newspaper, and shredded cardboard

✓ What cannot be placed in the compost bin?

✓ Meat and spicy foods

✓ Liquids (dairy, broth), oil, and fat

✓ Used toilet paper

✓ Fishbones and bones