How Can You Make Use Of Nature In Your Farm Garden?

In the farm garden it is fine if you let nature take its course. Trust me; taking advantage of nature can save you a lot of work. This is of course something that will usually work out well, you are often busy enough in your “professional garden” behind your private fence! There are numbers of methods you can make use of nature in your farm garden:

  • Make use of ground covers;
  • Make animals your partner;
  • Make use of water;

Enjoy the benefits of a vegetable garden;

Make yourself compost

Food for humans, plants and animals. Many people throw away bins of money. How so? Well, we all understand that good nutrition is one of the most important things for a good and healthy body. This also applies to the..

What are ground covers?

The main thing is that the weeds do not get the upper hand in the garden. This naturally gives an unkempt look to your garden. If you don’t feel like weeding or don’t have the time, make use of nature and choose ground cover. Ground covers are usually low creeping plants that quickly form a network of roots and leaves.

Ground covers are (as the name implies) mainly used to cover a large area of soil, in many cases between large plants and shrubs. Once the ground covers have established themselves, weeds will no longer have a chance in this place. This is due to the dense and vigorous growth of the ground cover. The best known ground covers are:

  • Lesser Periwinkle;
  • sweet woodruff;
  • fat man’s herb;
  • mans ear;

If you desire to get results quickly, you can also opt for Creeping Zen green or the well-known Hedera Helix (the ivy ), but the disadvantage of this is that you have to prune it quickly and often afterwards, which means you have extra work. That is just not the intention. Many ground covers are hardy and do well in moist soil, so they can withstand a winter well. In addition, there are ground covers that have beautiful flowers in spring such as the Schoenlappersplant, the Elfenbloem, the Foam flower, the Blue Periwinkle and the Almond Spurge. In this method you can combine functionality and appearance in a beautiful way.

Animals in a farm garden

As I have indicated a bit above, I think animals in or near your farm garden really do belong. A dog will have a great time on the large space that he or she has available and a farm cat will ensure that you have less chance of mice. In addition, you will of course find many chickens, ducks and other animals (small livestock) in many farm gardens, all of which can contribute to the “housekeeping”.

Also think of the useful function that insects can have for a garden. After all, insects help you to ensure that the garden remains healthy. I therefore recommend that you choose plants that attract insects. Here I come back to the aforementioned plant species such as the Butterfly Bush and the Farmer’s Jasmine. The peony also fits perfectly in the farm garden. These plants are sure to attract insects such as butterflies and bees.

In addition, I would also like to point out the Salvia again, which with its “hyacinth-like” flowers will give your garden a heather feeling and has a beautiful bloom in the border period between spring and summer. You can attract more birds into the garden by placing bird-friendly plants in the garden. As a bird lover, you naturally want no bird sounds to be missing, because a beautiful garden is not complete without. Contribute a lot to the work that has to be done in a garden and help you control pests as a thank you for your hospitality. These are effective pest control agents, so why not take advantage of them?

Make use of water in a farm garden

If we talk about the excellent combination of a farm garden with animals (whether or not with the aim of maintenance free A maintenance-free garden is perfect for anyone who doesn’t like gardening or is too busy with work, for example. A maintenance-free garden is also called a low-maintenance or low-maintenance garden.

You really can’t avoid the use of water. Water offers very versatile possibilities! Water in the form of a pond, for example, attracts life to your farm garden. This will make a lot contribution to the organic cycle of your garden. I can tell you a lot about this, but I already did that This is about ideas on how to integrate water into your garden.

Create a vegetable garden in your farm garden

If you want to make use of the possibilities that nature can offer you, useful plants should not be missing from this list. Plants with a function are obviously very desirable in a farm garden. If you like to really grow your own fruit and vegetables, this is a godsend. Simply place your fruits and vegetables among the other plants, or create a vegetable garden if you like.

Also planting yourself spices Are you planning to start a herb vegetable garden? Or do you have a herb vegetable garden and would you like to gain more knowledge and inspiration? Check out a complete overview below with everything you need and want to know about. Fits in this list. These also give off a wonderful scent for the ultimate nature experience. By creating a vegetable garden you are working on your land in a different way and you make use of nature.

Use your own compost

I don’t think I need to tell a farm garden owner much about compost and how well this topic fits into this list. By using your own compost you ensure a healthy soil structure in a beautiful natural way by adding new and useful micro-organisms, there is no better way of making use of nature.

Paving a farm garden

In a farm garden you often see the characteristic classic paving. This has been widely used in this type of garden for a long time and we can therefore certainly describe it as traditional. Your paving should be both practical and give atmosphere.

Want to make a path? Then use small stones. You can create a tight path or an organic path where you use stones with different shapes and color shades. You can reuse stones. This offers an opportunity for mixing existing materials. Also the Terrace Prevent a whole bump of repairs in the spring and prepare your garden for winter! you can use this to pave, although you can also opt for larger gravel surfaces (with stabilization mats) or tiles.

Elements you can use to decorate your farm garden

How you will eventually arrange your farm garden, of course, depends entirely on your taste. Before you get started on applying the inspiration you get from this section into practice, I would like to add a few more tips and tricks. Ideas I have written this section garden construction especially for the do-it-yourselfer, but even if you plan to outsource (part of) the construction of your garden, you would do well to read this section. There exist share with you regarding the use of elements in your garden.

Robust objects

A farm garden is ideal for a large, somewhat robust interior. A cool, scaffolding wooden garden set will certainly not be out of place as far as I’m concerned. Several seating areas in the same style emphasize the material and enhance the atmosphere. Make a tough one canopy Do you want to enjoy the outdoors all year round? Then a patio cover in the garden is an excellent option.

In this section, we tell you everything about patio roofs and we share 30 tips for using above your sitting area or by the back door. You can make these from coarse planks or even from whole tree trunks! Put down some real farm items. Of course I do not mean placing a tractor, but on a hay bale, a rain barrel or a beautiful authentic well. With this you make your garden playful and appropriate!

Reinforce the farm feeling

With the use of larger garden furniture and a number of typical items mentioned above, you have come a very long way in enhancing the farm feeling. To enhance this feeling, you can also apply a number of characteristic decorative elements. Think of rugs and cushions with a nice checkered print, this fits perfectly with the style and the rural feeling of outdoor living.

Garden lighting

If you have made several corners, it is an idea to make a good lighting plan Installing garden lighting yourself is cost effective and it is an important part of your garden design in your garden. You can combine atmosphere and functionality with this in a creative way. Think about where you want which garden lighting  . Do you choose a warm, cozylight Garden lighting plays an important role in designing a garden.

Garden lighting allows you to combine atmosphere and functionality in a sophisticated way. A lighting plan often forms the blueprint for or a practical, bright light to work in? Try to deal with this dynamically. A balanced lighting plan will form the basis for this. Follow your own feelings and wishes when decorating your farm garden Whichever of the above tips you will apply, I would like to emphasize that it is of course important to start from your own taste and possibilities.

What atmosphere do I want to achieve? How do I want to feel in my backyard? Follow your own feelings and wishes when designing your farm garden. This is your foundation for your perfect garden. Ultimately, relaxation and enjoyment are the most important functions of a farm garden.